Forum Italiano dell’Idrogeno (FII) has been historically the First Official Italian Association (and third in Europe) to be focused on the use of Hydrogen as an energy vector. It was founded on June 2nd, 1997.

During the first three years FII activity has been targeted, together with the other European associations operating at that time (German, Norwegian, French and Swedish) to the creation of the European Hydrogen Association (EHA), which was finally founded at the beginning of 2000. Hopes in the role of EHA were sound, but, due to frictions with the board due to the reputed lack of effectivity of EHA actions, FII left it.

FII activities were then focused at first on the organization of an “Introductory course on Hydrogen as Energy Vector”, held in Rome in September 2002, hosted by Italian Superior Firefigthing Institute, and on the writing of a book “Guidelines for the definition of a strategic plan for the development of Hydrogen Vector” . Both actions were focused on the technical education of Italian regional decision makers and the Guidelines were disseminated through a series of workshops.

FII cooperated also with national Exhibitions and contributed to the organization of Italian Island at 2006 Hannover Fair. FII organized the 2007 World Hydrogen Technology Conference (WHTC) In Montecatini, an official IAHE event (International Association for Hydrogen Energy).

FII is a non political, no-profit organization, without any religious or race discriminations. Its scope is:

  • Promoting and favouring the development and use of Hydrogen as an energy vector and of hydrogen related technologies, speeding up the coming of a cleaner environment
  • Spreading the knowledge of these technologies and their application in the industry
  • Fostering the relationships of Italian researchers and foreign associations, organizing national and international meetings and promoting congresses and venues organized by foreign countries
  • Offering a meeting point for representatives of universities, research institutes and industry, involved in the development of hydrogen energy systems and technologies
  • Fostering contacts, cooperations and exchanges with international operators.